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Switchback Trail

From here the trail climbs steeply (1,600 vertical feet
in 1.5 miles) to Kishhane Ridge. From there trails
continue to Heart O' the Hills via Heather Park or
Lake Angeles. A spur trail to Hurricane Ridge lies
.5 miles up this trail. A climb to the summit of Mount
Angeles necessitates climbing steep scree slopes and
should be done by experienced hikers only.

Heart O' the Hills via Heather Park .. 7.7 miles
Heart O' the Hills via Lake Angeles .. 7.6 miles
Hurricane Ridge ..3.2 miles

Ghost Forest
A fire in 1940 left the stand of silver tree trunks.
Because of the slope's steepness, the blaze travelled
so quickly that only needles and outer bark were
scorched. Most of the forest is Alaska yellow cedar,
whose roots are very decay-resistant. Now new trees
are beginning to obscure the burn.

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