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Trails at
Hurricane Ridge

Nature trails of varying length and difficulty
traverse the high, subalpine world.

Meadow Loop Trail. This paved, gently-sloping
1/4 mile walk is easily travelled by small children,
the handicapped, or people who can spend
only a brief time in the meadows. Average hiking time: 20 minutes.

High Ridge Loop Trail. This 1/2 mile trail ascends
steeply to sparser meadowland. If the air is
clear, there are views of Canada, the Straits of
Juan de Fuca, the North Cascades, and Mount
Olympus. Average hiking time: 40 minutes.

Cirque Rim Loop Trail. This 1/2 mile, gently-
graded walk along the ridgeline explores the
effects of snow and ice. Average hiking time: 30

Dogs harm the slow-growing vegetation, and are
natural enemies of wildlife. For the protection
of your pet, other hikers, and the meadow -
pets, firearms, and off-road vehicles are not
permitted on the trails.

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