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The Making of Valley Creek Estuary

The Valley Creek Estuary and Park were created as mitigation
to fill the K-Ply log pond. The Department of Fisheries' goal of
achieving no net loss of productive capacity of habitat of fish
and shellfish resources included even a stagnant man-made
pond. The process of filling the K-Ply pond enabled K-Ply to
realize greater efficiencies in their storage area, and allowed
them to expand operations and increase employment. The Port
of Port Angeles and the City of Port Angeles signed interlocal
agreements in 1994 and 1997, allowing this $1,262,000 project
to move forward. Soroptimist International of Port Angeles and
the Port of Port Angeles signed a letter of agreement on
June 7, 1996 as Valley Creek Community Support Leaders.
What you see is a result of the entire community's volunteer
effort, in time and monetary support. Over 800 feet of Valley
Creek was unearthed. Wildlife
has reclaimed the area. The
creation of a new park has
increased public access to the
waterfront, and the waterfront
trail, a popular downtown
attraction, has been extended.

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